Monday, December 29, 2008

Confidential to Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Mario Apuzzo, Esq. is a natural born idiot as well.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Regarding the again aptly titled posting, "Disinformation, right on our blog"

We will repost in toto Team Orly's response to a question raised by a commenter that somehow made it past their state-of-the-art dissension-filtering system. Their response speaks for itself; rather than admit that maybe, just maybe they might be wrong on this one, they resort to spreading rumor, hysteria, innuendo, and ominous predictions to explain why what appears to be logically and factually the truth isn't what it seems because they say so.

Again, without even a hint of irony, Team Orly responds to a complaint about disinformation by creating even more disinformation:

In response to my blog article entitled "Disinformation",
someone who identifies himself as "Kevin" writes:

“Dr. Orly, Sandra Lines said nothing more than the obvious fact that images can be faked and to tell for sure one needs to look at the original. She said nothing to indicate that Barack Obama's COLB was genuine or not. And thereby she makes any analysis of the COLB image moot, including that of "Rod Polarik". You can't tell anything from an image.

The suggestion that Dr. Onaka, head of Vital Statistics in Hawaii, recent past president of the national organization of vital statistics agencies (NAPHSIS) would allow a forged Hawaiian birth certificate to be blown all over the Internet without a word from him (or the Director of the Hawaii Department of Health or Hawaii's Republican Governor) is beyond credible. That alone is enough to raise a very high standard of proof for a document analyst trying to assert a forgery. "Polarik's" analysis is about as poor as one could imagine--more of a flight of imagination than science as he sees scans being sent to the one who would do the forgery, as he tries for the 700th time to guess what kind of scanner Obama used and matching it miserably.

First of all, what is it to you "Kevin"? Are you a paid Obama operative? Who are you? Why bother? Why do you care?

Second, how did you know that XXX was Ron Polarik?

Third, Ron Polarik and Sandra Lines are not the only two forensic document experts that have examined these documents and weighed in on them. There is at least one other in the Berg case. And these affidavits are not from the Berg case, but from the Hochberg case. Sorry dude. These two might be completely different from the 3 forensic document analysts that Berg has assembled.

Also, having read the 139 page report from Polarik, and having advanced degrees in relevant fields, I would say that Polarik does not "only try to guess what sort of scanner" that Obama used. And how do you know that Polarik has "matched it miserably"?

How would you know ? Who are you? Tell me about your PhD in digital image processing why don't you Kevin. Where did you get your degree? Do you hold any patents? What is your publication record like? And what is any of this to you anyway? Why bother? You ask, why would Onaka allow fake documents to be spread all over? I think the answer is pretty obvious. From the court proceedings in Hawaii, and the fact that the Hawaiian Health Department has turned down several subpoenas from courts in other states, one can conclude that the government of Hawaii has decided to make a huge stand on this issue.

From interviews in the press, and my own conversations with the officials at the Hawaii Health Department, it is obvious that Oanaka and others in the Hawaii Health Department feel bound by the laws of their state. They have clearly been told that if they talk about this, they will lose their jobs, be fined and/or go to prison. That, coupled together with confusion about what the constitutional requirements are to be president of the United States, and some disagreement about the definition of the term "natural born citizen", as well as a large number of people that believe the constitution is obsolete or optional or should be changed or ignored, and you have the perfect setting for someone like Onaka to behave as he does.

Would you be willing to risk prison time if you were Onaka? Onaka has climbed to his position by playing by the rules. You expect Onaka to break the rules now and maybe destroy his career and spend years in prison? Why? Would you?

And what if Onaka illegally releases Obama's birth record information, and it shows that Obama was not born in Hawaii and Congress and the courts ignore this and confirm Obama as president anyway? Many have stated publicly that they favor making Obama president even if Obama is shown to be ineligible to assume the presidency. Even Ron Paul has stated this recently. What do you think would happen to Onaka then?

This could include things much much worse than prison; presidents like Clinton and Nixon have used the IRS and other government agencies to harass "enemies". Obama associates with people that advocate bombings and assassination. Not just one or two people, but lots of people. He even supported his cousin Odinga's campaign in Kenya that ended with widespread slaughtering of his opponents, even though his cousin Odinga lost the Kenyan election. Obama is even inviting his cousin Odinga to the inauguration.

What do you think that a President Obama would do to someone like Onaka if he illegally released such information? Do you know that most lawyers will not touch this case for fear of retribution for the same reason? Most judges? Do you expect a government bureaucrat in Hawaii to be braver than most lawyers and judges? To risk his life and the lives of his family to stop Obama when no law enforcement official, no court and no politician has stepped up to offer support and protection? You expect Onaka to voluntarily blow the whistle and then probably be punished for it? To spend every dime he has and every dime his family has defending his actions in court? To probably be fined, imprisoned or maybe even killed for it? What are you, insane? Naive? Stupid?

Please "Kevin". You are nothing but an Obama operative and a troll. Go away.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Regarding the aptly titled post, "Disinformation."

I want to caution people about putting too much stock in assorted rumors about the Obama Eligibility Controversy. As in, please don't listen to the rumors that there's a controversy over Obama's eligibility. The people (and the Electoral College) have spoken, all these lawsuits alleging otherwise have been laughed out of court, and conservative lawyers (Federalist Society, etc.) and conservative media (Fox News, etc.) have refused to touched this one. Only your crazy Uncle Charlie living in your aunt's basement believes this one (but he also believed that Ron Paul would be the next president, that the Federal Reverse is unconstitutional, and that the jooooooooos are responsible for 9/11, so what can you really expect?).

But at that other site, they breathlessly report that there are "active efforts by Obama supporters, and even reportedly paid Obama operatives spreading disinformation on the internet." Nevermind the failure to specify exactly what "disinformation" is being spread (and by whom), or identifying who these "reportedly paid Obama operatives" are or how they are paid (by the hour? by the piece? by search query hits?). More importantly, Team Orly fails to specify who is paying them, because we over here are working for free and baby needs some new shoes, knowwhatiamsaying?

First they complain about the lawsuit alleged filed by "Wild Bill" in Virginia. (Query: Did the docketing clerk enter "Wild" as his first name?) While patting themselves on the back for noting there was no such lawsuit filed, they miss the rather obvious point: THE INTERNET IS FILED WITH DISINFORMATION. Amazing how if someone says something you disagree with, there's a professional psych-ops disinformation campaign at work, but if you find something on the Internet you agree with -- no matter how improbable -- it is of course true. Of course Obama was born in Kenya; that fact is "widely known" (at least by the people of Kenya, as reported by the Kenyan Tourism Minister, as stated by Philip Berg ... all of whom are completely above reproach and aren't motivated by self-interest at all (or perhaps just mistaken)).

Then they note how stories about Obama's grandmother's death were "partially faked." Shooooowhaaaaa? Like she's only partially dead? She is dead, but the dreaded MSM ("mainstream media," for the conspiracy-theory challenged) only reported that she was suffering from mild numbness in her left foot? That she did die, but found a "1UP" in the princess's castle, and can thus continue on?

Then they report "Of course, the Certificate(s) of Live Birth [of Obama] that were released appear to be fakes or at least altered in various ways." Nevermind, as any birfer will tell you, Obama released his certification of live birth; whatever what was released, it was fake. And in support of this astonishing revelation, they cite yet another anonymous "expert", as well as a named expert who boldly opined that, in order to give an accurate assessment, one would need to see the original documents. In other words, there's no proof supporting their assertion, but have no problem acting like there is.

Team Orly then notes that the statements that "Hawaiian Health Department had confirmed that Obama was born in Hawaii" were fake. Nevermind that department officials confirmed they had Obama's "original birth certificate" on file; it is of course entirely plausible and likely that Obama's parents turned over to Hawaii his birth certificate from Kenya (or Indonesia, or Canada) to Hawaii so they could turn around and issue him a certification of live birth listing his place of birth as Honolulu. And, please, ignore William of Ockham as he turns over in his grave.

They then smirk at reports of recent polling indicating that Obama has been favorably received by the public as of late, but can't in fact point to any specific statement that the press got wrong. Oh, they do complain about small, unrepresentative samples, but seem to overlook the whole "MARGIN OF ERROR" concept (or the mathematics behind it).

Then there's the complaints about the false stories about the WND. This is in the dog-bites-man category: Where are the complaints about the false stories in the WND? Very highly selective reading going on over there.

This all leads to the grand conclusion that the media, as well as Congress and the judiciary all buying the hype about Obama. Nevermind all those adverse court decisions were based on the application of well-settled law to the facts presented, and not what might have been said during the overnight slot on some mid-market AM radio station.

To their credit, Team Orly notes the conservative media, the independent journalists (independent from the liberal media elite and the regular liberal media), and other investigative journalists have been silent on all these issues. Although one would think that exposing the biggest news story of a generation would be enough motivation for someone to look into this glaring controversy of Obama's eligibility, Team Orly lamely concludes there must be a disinformation campaign afoot because they've scratched and scratched their heads and can't fathom why Obama might be ignoring them.

Here is the delicious irony: In a posting that starts off with cautioning people about putting too much stock in rumors due to the effect of misunderstandings, and mistakes, and "Chinese Whispers," it has no problem repeating they "even heard a rumor that hackers have altered some online versions of the Kenyan grandmother recording." Seriously: Do as I say, not as I do.

It is a punchline unto itself: The "Disinformation" posting is nothing but disinformation.

Normally, it would be no problem to poke holes in their precious little "theories," but we at Team Oily HAVE BEEN BANNED from that site. Yes! It is true! They encourage members to speak, but only as long as that speech kisses the Ass of the Dear Leader of the Revolution or otherwise promotes inaccurate or incredible "information" lacking any basis in truth or common sense.

If you think Orly Taitz is a great American patriot fighting for justice, then why on earth does she stifle dissent like the former Soviet Union? If the cause is so just, why stifle dissent while complaining about dissent being stifled?

UPDATE: The "Disinformation" posting has been "temporarily" taken down. (For remodeling?) Quel suprise.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A word (OK, OK; many several words) about a word about the new Haloscan comment management system

Those of us on Team Oily are all gratified that our blog has grown in popularity since its humble beginnings.

Now, over at that other blog, there was a problem with abusive and otherwise inappropriate comments. They were spending increasing amounts of time dealing with anonymous commenters, and were unable to tell who was who. (Although Robert Stevens, the Santa Claus of birthers, claims he can see your IP address, knows who's been naughty and who's been nice, and knows where sitting ducks ... errr ... sit.)

Of course, they are right; there is a problem with the abusive comments. Let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we, children?:

From Gort: "But Obimbeciles are not interested in preserving the Constitution or looking at the horrific information we do know about him." (Obimbeciles? Obmeciles? Obameciles? All are clunky.)

From : BerlinBerlin: "Oh Yeah, the sense of humor is definelety on the Obots side." (And: "The kind of Obot humor we know.") ("Obot" is like "I, Robot"; considering how crappy that movie was, this is quite the putdown.)

From Rovingpatrol: "Keep the pressure up. I see your making the Obamabots nervous." (Private to Rovingpatrol: "Obamabots" is stepping on your own joke; stick with "Obots".)

From Robert Stevens: "But Anonymous, you are clearly just a jerk and your vile threats deserve nothing but contempt." ("... and several gassy responses, and perhaps a few veiled threats of my own, I mean.")

From BerlinBerlin: "The white trash version of Hitlerjugend aka Obot bloggers don't even deserve a response." ("Other than this response, I mean. And don't make me unleash Robert Stevens on you!")

From: Orly Taitz: "I don't pay attention to Obama scum." (Not to get all technical on you, Dear Leader of the Revolution, but your statement kinda disproves itself.)

From Roving Patrol: "The Obamabots are only doing what their leader ordered them to do. 'Get in their face' They have no answers. Only insults." (Quoted in full for maximum ironic value.)

From Angie: "John Kyl is a disgrace. A total scumball." (That's Senator Scumball, to you.)

From Gort: "Please don't let these cowardly commenters upset you.They are Obimbeciles." (Nope; still clunky.)

From Gort: "The zobamabies will not understand them,because they are in ecstatic religious throes of praise and worship." (Gort, "zobamabies" is even clunkier! Zobambies, man, or maybe zObambies! Word play is not your forte, or fobamarte, as you would say.)

From Gort: "Anonymous,it's getting near that time to get the tinfoil out and then pray to your Hanuman monkey god." (Given Gort's rather limited flirtation with reality, it is unclear if he understands the ramifications of comparing a black person to a monkey -- even if that monkey is a monkey god.)

From Robert Stevens: "You are not only ignorant and have nothing constructive to contribute, but you are a troll as well. DNFTT." ("DNFTT"? How 20th Century retro!)

From Robert Stevens: "You are clearly just a mindless troll. DNFTT." (Ahhh, this must be a "go-to" line, a la "Up your nose with a rubber hose!")

... So, clearly, the problem with the abusive comments was there was not enough of them.

Having the temerity to disagree with Robert Stevens earns you the label "troll". (Oh! It stings!) (Orly Taitz, DDS, ESQ., is so busy single handedly saving America from, well, America, she only has time for the occasional "Obama scum!" or "Obot".) If they could only spend less time moderating comments, they would have more time to make kind of comments they complain about!

Robert Stevens even omniously foretells, "Well "Anonymous" why are you afraid to have an ID? We are probably going to be cracking down on this kind of post." A commenter had the gall to link to an article proving the lack of factual basis and legal basis for a post, without insult, and is warned about an impending crackdown. Dissent is not tolerated; L’√Čtat c’est Robert Stevens.

You see, they have no problem publishing insulting or degrading comments provided they insult anyone who isn't completely in the birther movement. But why should they? Their entire site is insulting (to your intelligence) and degrading, what with the literal comparisons of Obama to Hitler, the presumed arrogance in knowing more about the U.S. Constitution than those elected or appointed to constitutionally created offices, or implying that if you believe hard enough that Obama isn't really the next president then the federal laws no longer apply to you!

Really, it is only a sin over there to point out the rather obvious mistakes in logic, to note the lack of factual basis for their claims, to correct the improper reading of their legal "authorities", to remark upon the fantastical nature of conspiracy required to make their various and sundry hypotheses bear out, and to take an occasional potshot at the butchering of the English language in documents that are to be submitted to this nation's highest court. Those kind of shenanigans force (force!, you uncaring bastards!) the saints of this movement to go out of their way to install a free Blogger gadget. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!!!

So, please, Team Orly, please don't practice what you preach. It is so much more entertaining this way.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Call to Arms! (In a non-treasonous sort of way.)

We all can agree that the Obama Eligibility Controversy is very serious business.

But over at that other site, that is they can agree upon.

1. Some people say Obama wasn't born in Hawaii, but was rather born:
a. Maybe in Kenya; or
b. Maybe in Indonesia; or
c. Maybe in Canada; or
d. Maybe Alaska (let's return "that one" to the Former Soviet Union!).

2. Some people say Obama was in Hawaii, but wasn't naturally born there because:
a. A poker player, a health-store owner, and a self-proclaimed internet powerhouse all said so (and how do I get a title like "internet powerhouse"? Can I just give it to myself?)
b. If you rearrange the letters in certain court cases, it spells out, "Stig has been dead for ages, really."
c. Obama was from his mother's womb untimely ripped.

3. Some people say he was a natural born citizen, but the electors improperly voted for him because each player gets six cards, except for the player on the dealer's right, who gets seven. The second card is turned up, except on Tuesdays. Two jacks are a "half-fizzbin". If you have a half-fizzbin: a third jack is a "shralk" and results in disqualification; one wants a king and a deuce, except at night, when one wants a queen and a four; if a king had been dealt, the player would get another card, except when it is dark, in which case he'd have to give it back.

4. Some people say there's no point in holding elections because we all know the Annenberg Foundation (which is a front for CIA, FBI, NSA, CFR, CBS, AFL-CLO, NFL, KOC, LDS, and the Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) has the goods on the DNC, RNC, and Dr. Ron Paul.

5. Some people say it doesn't matter, for all long as George Bush signs the Proper Executive Orders, he can nullify the election, dissolve Congress, demand the Constitution be interpreted only as he says so, and order that summer linger through September.

So the time is now (or at least before January 8, and definitely before January 20, but there's no reason to stop then, either) to decide upon the Grand Unifying Theory Of Why Obama Can't Be President (Other Than I Have A Blog And Say So).